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Are you using a public Wi-Fi network where access to certain web services and websites is blocked? Are you in a place where there is internet connectivity via a public hotspot but you don’t have the username and password credentials to log in to it? If you have any problem mentioned above, then Your Freedom is the way for you. Your Freedom is a connectivity service which allows users to access the restricted websites and web services by overcoming the connectivity restriction imposed on the network by the network provider, or the government. Check Your Freedom APK Download steps on android devices.


Your freedom is not a private VPN software or service. It breaks the firewall created by the administrator of the hotspot. Your Freedom also provides some level of incognito to the users from the administrator and some hackers too. The techniques used by this application are very complex but the usage of the application is very easy. Your Freedom works by converting the user’s PC as a proxy server and the applications can send the connection request to the proxy servers thus created.


Now, Whenever you are on a public Wi-Fi network access to certain websites or applications is blocked, just launch this application and wait till it connects to a server of Your Freedom. Now just feel free to browse anything that was restricted earlier.


Using restricted websites and application on an open public Wi-Fi is a big deal and Your Freedom application is seriously good at it. It can help you access all the restricted website and can also help you use internet access on the public wifi protected by username and password to log in. Since the application first connects your PC or Android device and so it is not a good method at all if you care about your privacy and information. Using such services can be a way to breach into your privacy and hence it is not your cup of coffee. You should avoid using these applications and services. But if you are just a college student or if you are cool to compromise with your privacy to access full internet without any restrictions, then Your Freedom is definitely for you.


Your Freedom APK Download on Android Devices:


Before heading on to this installation guide please confirm that the Android version of your Android Phone is 4.0 or above because it is the minimum Android version on which this app is supported. Once you have confirmed the same please follow these instructions below.


Features of Your Freedom APK:


Protocol Restriction: Many times on certain public Wi-Fi networks some applications and games are blocked to work over the Wi-Fi. In this case, Your Freedom can help you. Usage of the P2P protocols is not advisable but you still have the access to use using Your Freedom. Most P2P clients work perfectly with Your Freedom application.

Access Restriction: If you are in a college or a place where there is an open public Wi-Fi network but requires login credentials but you don’t have. Your Freedom can help you with this. It can get you fully connected to the internet.


Time Restriction: Most of the users use Your Freedom to avoid time restrictions. Existing connections are not disrupted by such connections and hence all you need to do is to start the Your Freedom client before the restriction starts and keep it open.


Censorship: When you find that you are not able to visit certain web pages that might be restricted by some administrators or your government, just start Your Freedom and go explore those pages too. Even in my college certain hacking websites are blocked, so whenever I have to use them, I just turn on Your Freedom app and access them uninterrupted.


How To Use Your Freedom Apk?


Your Freedom is written in Java and hence can be run on almost every device. You just need to run the client side part of the app on your PC. Your Freedom can be run by two methods. One needs the administrator permission as it will be installed on your PC and the other can just run without any need to give the administrator permission as it is not installed on the device. The use of Android application of Your Freedom is very simple as it requires the only installation and then just start the app. and you are done.


To understand the working of the Your Freedom App let us assume that you want to access in order to check your important emails from the workplace. What you need to do is just open the Your Freedom application on your laptop and start it and let it connect to your Freedom servers. Once you are connected, just open on your browser and you will be able to do so. Just enjoy.

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